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Bonus Earning From Humanatic
Published By ARIES1973 on 2013-02-28 758 Views

Today is really a very rewarding day for me. Although my body is still aching because of the monitoring activity that we had yesterday, I still go to work and do my usual daily activities at the office.

After signing up some documents and making sure that everything is okay, I decided to check for my humanatic account because I found some problems when I signed in this morning. My account was automatically being log out after each review that I made. So I have to log in back every time which is really time consuming.

I found a message from the site asking for an apology because of the delay brought about by the said problem. So I was relieved to know that the problem was actually with that of the site and not with my browser.

I found out also that there were many calls available for reviews so I tried to do some work. Seldom that I get lots of calls for reviews on that particular time of the day, so I was excited and started immediately in order for me to finish more jobs. After lunch, I again log in to my account and started to work again. I was surprised when after several call reviews, the screen flashes and a message informing me that I received bonus earnings in the amount of $7.15.

So I made a new discovery this time, doing our best in order to deliver a good review is the way to be more successful on this site. I am so happy to earn additional $7.15 dollar! This does not happen every day so I am really thankful.

Humantic gives bonus to its members depending on the performance which the site measures through the wHIP (weighted) Human Intelligence Points. The best thing with Humanatic is the fact that they give bonus to those who perform well. So doing our best in our work can really be of help. We should see to it that we don’t get audited calls, negative wHIP and make sure to reach the leader board and the threshold. Through this we have the chance to receive bonus from the site.

This is really a great day for me!






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